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Our Aims and Objectives

The Alliance of Citizens' Initiatives No Airport Expansion Ban on Night Flights between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

is an alliance of more than 80 citizens' initiatives. The alliance aims to regain and maintain the quality of life of the people living in the Rhine-Main area. It campaigns for the creation of a liveable region and calls for the protection of its citizens from the adverse effects of air traffic and expresses its solidarity with all people affected by traffic noise. The alliance demands a responsible approach towards mobility.

Our common aims and objectives are the following:

Preventing the further expansion of Frankfurt Airport and other airports located within the region which merely serve to increase the capacity of air traffic in the Rhine-Main area.

Establishing silence at night by way of an absolute ban on night flights between 10.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m.

Creating legally enforceable limits with respect to the burdens imposed upon our citizens.

Allocating costs to the aviation industry as the party responsible and putting a halt to subsidies and privileges.

Reducing aircraft traffic to a maximum of 380,000 movements per year and easing the existing impact of aircraft noise, air pollution and fuel?/land? consumption caused by air traffic in the Rhine-Main area.

Decommissioning the so-called "Landing Strip North-West".

Air transport development in the Rhine-Main area must be aligned with the requirements of the people living in this area. The existing high levels of pollution and aircraft noise lead to the inevitable conclusion that the airport in its current form and size is intolerable and unsustainable for both human beings and the environment alike.

Why this Protest?

Resistance is worth it!

Since November 2011 we have been demonstrating here in Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport. We are here every Monday at 6 p.m. Why not get involved for environmental protection and resource conservation? After all, It is a worldwide your home area, too.

Frankfurt airport is located in a very densely populated area. More than one million people live near it. Since the Landing Strip North-West was opened in October 2011, our living conditions have become dramatically worse. Frankfurt Airport has become an inner-city airport.

Planes take of and land every minute. They fly over our homes, over schools and nursery schools, over hospitals and nursing homes, often at altitudes of less than 250 meters. Currently we have 90 aircraft movements per hour; but the ultimate aim is 126 take-offs and landings per hour.

Noise and air pollution disturb us. We cannot sleep. Children can no longer play outside and in school they often cannot understand their teachers and class-mates because of loud planes.

Scientific reports prove that aircraft noise makes you ill. Many of us already suffer from heart problems, hypertension and depression.

Many of us have been living here for generations, some families even for hundreds of years. This is our home. Most of us cannot move, because we don't have enough money or have to look after elderly parents among many other reasons.

Government - both at the regional and the national level - leave us alone with this situation. Our only way to get attention is taking our problem to the streets - and to this terminal.

We are opposed to excessive airport expansion. We are fighting for a reasonable limit to aircraft movements, a ban on night-flights between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., and the closure of the Landing Strip North-West.

Public health must be more important than economic ambitions!

Only once a week, for one hour, do we demonstrate in this terminal. After we have left, it will be quiet again. For the rest of the week, however, we still suffer from unbearable aircraft noise at our homes.

Whatever your destination may be, please report the suffering of the people in the Rhine-Main area.

Please consider alternative routes to reach your destination as long as Frankfurt Airport planes fly over our densely populated areas.

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