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Our Aims and Objectives

The Alliance of Citizens‘ Initiatives („ Bündnis der Bürgerinitiativen “) aims to regain and maintain the quality of life of the people living in the Rhine-Main area. It campaigns for the creation of a liveable region. The alliance calls for the protection of citizens from adverse effects of air traffic and expresses its solidarity with all people affected by traffic noise. It also demands a responsible approach towards mobility.

Our common aims and objectives are the following:

•  Preventing the further expansion of Frankfurt Airport and other airports located within the region which might serve to increase the capacity of air traffic in the Rhine-Main area.

•  Establishing silence at night by way of an absolute ban on night flights between 22.00 and 6.00

•  Creating legally enforceable limits with respect to the burdens imposed on the citizens

•  Allocating costs to the aviation industry as responsible party and putting a halt to subsidies

•  Reducing aircraft movement to a maximum of 380,000 movements per year and easing the existing impact of aircraft noise, air pollution and soil consumption caused by air traffic in the Rhine Main area

•  Decommissioning the so-called “Landing Strip North-West”

Air transport development in the Rhine-Main area must be aligned with the necessities of life of the people living in this area. The existing high levels of pollution and aircraft noise lead to the inevitable conclusion that the airport in its current form and size is intolerable for human beings and the environment alike.

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Bündnis der Bürgerinitiativen
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